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Post  Rikimaru on Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:11 am

all members start off at Y or M depending of the faction they join

then they move up to P ot TA by defeating a higher ranks members in a 2-3 duels
after is AP or TAC by doing 2 - 3 duel and killing 5 wampas
next is TJ or TS by 2 - 3 duels and killing 8 wampas
next is TJS or TSG by 2-3 duel and killing 15 wampas
next is TJK or TSK by 2- 3 duels 18 wampas and 5 reborn
next is TJM or TSM by 3-5 duels and 1 rancor
next is TJC or TSC by 3-5 duel 22 wamps 2 rancors and a desann
neci is TJHC or TSHC by doing 5 - 7 duels and 24 wampas 3 rancors and a tavion and 3 reborn
next is for both ranks TCL with is councile leader and is is 5-7 duels 26 wampas 4 rancors a desann and tavion
next of JO or SL is for winning 8 duels with a person of yur choice but if u lose 4 times u fail and u fight 30 wampas adn 5 rancors and a desann and tavion and 2 reborn


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trail examonations Empty Re: trail examonations

Post  ObiWon-Kenobi on Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:46 pm

with the other leaders permission id like to move trials to the weekends, we will try and hold trials everyday of the weekend.


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